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multi-style insulated neoprene lunch bags

multi-style insulated neoprene

Dongguan Oannes trading is professional in supplying various neoprene lun...

Wholesale Washable Insulated Neoprene Can Sleeve

Wholesale Washable Insulated N

One of the most popular products we offer is the neoprene Can sleeve. If you are...

Six bottles neoprene wine bags for parties

Six bottles neoprene wine bags

This neoprene wine bag is fit for six wine bottles with a soft handle to carry....

Wholesale neoprene laptop sleeves

Wholesale neoprene laptop slee

This neoprene laptop sleeve is a good protection for notebooks with waterproof a...

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WE'RE GROWING RAPIDLY, AND YOU CAN TOO! Who We Are Welcome to Dongguan City Oannes Trading Co.Ltd. We are a manufacturer ,wholesaler and trader who are specializing in manufacturing, sourcing and supplying high quality and hot-sale neoprene products with a best and efficient one-stop service for customers, located in Dongguan Guangdong Province, China. We provide tailor-make to fit our customers difference needs, budget and the lead time constraints. Welcome to send a email to inquiry! What Do We Do Our main business scope is to manufacture and supply products made of neoprene, SBR,CR,NBR etc, like sports bags, protective cases, sportswear equipment and body fit wears. Neoprene bags series: Neoprene l...



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