Make a good plan for your relaxed elegant fall picnic

The cool autumn comes when the hot summer goes away. It’s a good choice to escape to a quiet spot in nature and drink it in with your families, especially in the fall, when Mother Nature is particularly showy in her dress. Well, before you go for a picnic, I think you have to take all in considerations. Maybe the following tips will get you inspired.

1. Place to go: A good place will makes your feel relaxed from your busy work and heavy pressure.

Find a forest to experience nature near you or enjoy acres of peaceful woods and pastures in a countryside filled with native grasses and sunflowers lit up like fire in the fall evening light.

2. Weather: Fall can be a rainy season somewhere, and the ground is often damp and muddy. So pay attention to the weather report and choose a sunny day to go instead of become a drowned rat because of the rain, which may bring you a haze.

3. Well-Prepared food: Delicious food always brings you a good mood. Stay away with those fast food and junk food you have for your busy work. Prepared some good food with your wife and kids together and you can only taste the love filled in it. Just image that lying one the soft grass and soak in the sunshine with families. What a sweet day you can have!

4. Picnic Essentials: From the point of my mind, I do think a soft blanket which can keep you clean and comfortable on the ground is a priority you should think about. And a good lunch bag that can help you keep your well-prepared food fresh is also very important. Maybe you could get a neoprene lunch bag which can waterproof and shock-protection instead of lunch basket. What’s more, a neoprene lunch tote can be heat perseveration. You can enjoy a cool beer even in the outside.

This fall steal a moment to lose yourself in a wide open space far from the madding crowd. Dust off your picnic bag and fill it with everything you'll need to set an indulgent spread. Swing by a gourmet market and pick up a simple but tasty feast. Put your favorite beverages on ice and go explore.



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