How much do you about koozies

A koozie could be a neoprene, fabric or foam device that's designed to keep your drink in your bottle or can cold (or hot!) while keeping your hand at a normal temperature. A koozie is simply sort of a jacket for your drink that maintains at the desired temperature.

Koozies appeared in the late 1970s from Australia. There the koozie is known as the "stubby holder" which brings plenty of joy to folks. "Stubby Holder" appears like the name of either a terrible Prohibition-era gin drink .It is also one euphemism of a name for a beer insulator. In Australia, the beverage insulator is named a "stubby holder" as a result of local beer was usually sold  in 375 cc bottles named "stubbies" because of their short, squat look comparing with the common package of 750 cc bottles, and the 300 to 375 cc longneck bottles usually used for beer imported from North America and Europe. Most Australian domestic beers have currently adopted longneck bottles or aluminum cans for his or her 375 cc packaging while 750 cc bottles are now sold  much less commonly than before.

With years passing by, people also use the word “cozy” to describe a form-fitting cover for something you would like to keep heat. it's designed by idaho in 1981 with us patent for her “insulated 12 oz. beverage cozy. Since then, the “cozy” is gradually accepted by people. Whatever for koozie or “cozy”, people will feel cool and joy from the name.

A koozie has 2 functions: 1) to keep the consumer’s hand at a comfortable temperature while; 2) keep the drink cold. People always use koozies for picnic, parties, events or anniversaries. Of course, some companies or organizations also print their message or company info on the koozies to promote their brand. However, it definitely a good promotion, isn’t it? Low price and massive affection. Hey, man! Come to get it at Oannes and we can provide you with the most favorable quality and service with your fashion style. LET’S GET A WIN-WIN FROM now ON!



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